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Kike San Martin has had posing in front of his camera such top stars as Ricardo Montaner and Jose Luis "El Puma" Rodriguez, along with new discoveries like singer Prince Royce and Cuban-American actor William Levy.

The "photographer of the stars," as San Martin is known for his 20 years taking celebrities' pictures, says rather surprisingly that working in the world of entertainment isn't something he chose to do.

"I didn't choose show business, show business chose me," he told Efe during an interview in Miami where he has his studios.

Born and raised in a small town in northeastern Argentina, San Martin said he doesn't identify with the world of showbiz and even less with its glamor.

"I'm a provincial, a simple guy...I don't consume, I produce," the 42-year-old artist said.

"I started doing photos for newspaper society pages and later I was a paparazzo in Miami," he said.

His time of lying in wait for stars at all hours of the day and night in order to pounce on them "in flagrante" was a tough period, plagued by sacrifices, about which he will soon spill all in a book he is writing.

"It pays money, but it's something you do when you're young and single because it's pure adrenaline. I turned the page on that chapter 14 years ago and, maybe because I never harmed anyone, I began creating a market among those celebrities," he said.

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